Washable Heavy Duty Replacement Air Filters Reduce Costs For Truckers

By O Wolff

The next time you’re on the verge of getting your undies in a bunch because of an annoying trucker on the road blocking your need for speed – think it through first. Seriously, our country would grind to a halt inside of a week without trucks, they are metaphorically speaking, the lubricant that keeps the wheels on our national economy going round and round.

Well over 80% of the freight moved in the United States gets hauled by trucks. If commercial trucks are stopped, or even severely slowed down for any reason, according to the American Trucking Association here are just a few highlights of what we could expect:

– Serious shortages, particularly for perishable items, medical supplies, drinking water and gasoline would occur within three days.

– Hospitals and other facilities would run out of food in one day, and oxygen in about a week.


– No garbage pickup

The picture becomes crystal clear real fast, without trucks there’d be chaos and stench everywhere. We need trucks to keep moving like gigantic 18-wheel elves getting all the work done whilst we slumber. Yet, over the past several years nearly 1000 trucking companies nationwide have gone out of business. The continually rising fuel prices cut so severely into the independent and owner operator driver’s profits that they couldn’t afford to stay running. While freight delivery fees are generally a fixed price, fuel per delivery can vary day-to-day.

Any means of thumbing up that proverbial leaking dam therefore has to be perceived as a positive. New truck engines, improved aerodynamics and tire compounds with less resistance are evolving, although significant improvements are still down the road a spell. There are never-the-less steps that can be taken immediately, albeit small steps, but certainly in the right direction.

K&N, the reusable performance air filter originator, has developed a new line of heavy duty washable commercial grade air filters designed specifically for large turbo diesel engines, class 6-8, agricultural and earth moving equipment, along with certain diesel recreational applications as well. Built with the unique characteristics of turbo diesel engines in mind, these air filters do not require the use of oil as do K&N’s other filters. These filters are specifically designed so they can be easily cleaned with a power sprayer or a commercial parts washer. Better still, they provide lower restriction and higher air flow, at the same time delivering exceptional filtration efficiency and long service lives.

Because K&N’s heavy duty filters are intended to be reused they reduce the cost of replacing air filters. Most other heavy duty air filters are built into the canister as a complete non-serviceable unit; the filter and canister must be replaced dirty at the end of a single service interval. K&N reusable HD filters on the other hand remove the cost of buying disposable filters and canisters over and over. When restriction builds beyond a desired level, simply break out the power sprayer with K&N cleaner and wash the filter. So, instead of short cycling expensive disposable air filters, you can now keep restriction down and horsepower up with one of these beauties installed.

These unique heavy duty air filters are built super tough with extra strength and reinforcement to ensure they will keep going for a long time. In fact they come with K&N’s 3 year/300,000 mile limited warranty. The hybrid filter medium is comprised of a thick “lofted” non-woven synthetic media that is co-pleated between two layers of powder-coated aluminum screen wire. This reinforced medium is then held between either molded urethane (top or bottom), or depending on the model, between steel top and bottom plates, surrounded by a powder-coated steel cage to help withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures that can exist in large turbo diesel applications.

K&N’s commercial grade diesel air filter design has been tested with “Fine Grade Test Dust” using the ISO 5011 air filtration test protocol to ensure engine protection and long service life. K&N commercial grade air filters are designed to protect vital engine components even after the filter has been cleaned multiple times.

K&N released many of these washable filters in early 2010, and continued with many more releases in 2011 as big rig owners continued to search for ways to keep costs down. Cutting expenses and going green is as easy as a spray washer away. Find one for your diesel rig at http://www.KNFilters.com by using the K&N cross reference search with your existing air filter part number.

About the Author: K&N Engineering in Riverside California is the world’s leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. For more on

K&N Heavy Duty Air Filters

go to K&N’s website.



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