Top 10 Diagnostic Centers In Hyderabad

If you are looking for an excellent diagnostic center in Hyderabad to treat your illness, then here is an extensive list of Top 10 Diagnostic centers in Hyderbad for you.

It is advised to follow your family doctor’s recommendation before visiting any diagnostic centers as he would know which are some of the Best Diagnostics center in Hyderabad. In case you could not get in touch with your family physician and are still looking out for the best diagnostic center, then check out this list:

1. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre: Vijaya Diagnostic center has more than a dozen diagnostic centers that are situated all over Hyderabad.

So no matter if you live in the most remote part of Hyderabad, you will still be able to find one which is nearby your residential location. Besides Hyderabad, they have over 65 Diagnostic Centres in India.

They have collected over 38+ Years of Medical Experience in delivering the highest quality diagnostic service that you can imagine, with over 15 Million Customers of every age group as well. They are one of the most renowned and trusted best diagnostic center that you could find in Hyderabad.

2. Tesla Diagnostics: Tesla Diagnostics undoubtedly comes to mind when we think of Top 10 Diagnostic centers in Hyderabad. They boast of housing the most talented and accomplished doctors in the medical industry.

They have more than 15 diagnostic centers in Hyderabad, along with a really competent staff who will take care of all the needs that you have in a very professional manner. The diagnostics center specializes in Health care services,Radiology Services, Laboratory Services, Cardiology Services, Home sample collection service and Patient Care, among much more. They also have a track record of a very elated customer base.

Tesla Diagnostics has been awarded many awards; the most significant of them all is the accreditation with NABL, which gives their commitment and services an ultimate validation.

3.SRL Diagnostics: SRL Diagnostics have an outstanding 397 networking laboratories which include 4 Reference-based Labs, 4 Centers of Excellence, 24 Radiology and Imaging Centres, as well as 24 Wellness Centres which are situated not only in India but all over the globe in countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. They carry out impressive 125,000+ tests in a single day if you combine their entire laboratories in the world and are also ISO certified.

4. Call Health: Call Health is the most unique Diagnostic Centre on this list as it is not exactly a physical center for diagnostics. Call Health is a doorstep Healthcare provider that boasts of providing you with healthcare services that’s as easy as buying a pair of jeans online. They bring you all kinds of services, including Diagnostics, Doctor Consultation, Medicinal Supply, Physiotherapy, Bedside Attendant, Nursing, Family Doctor, and so much more.

It is amazingly disruptive for the healthcare industry as they manage to provide excellent service with good expertise right to your home.

5: Dr. Lal Path Labs: The next on the list is Dr. Lal Path Labs. They have a very intuitive website in which you could add whatever diagnostic test that you want into your cart and continue to confirm your booking, which makes it very easy.

They have great offers and decent pricing, which is quite affordable. They rank as one of the top pathology labs across India.

6. Global Diagnostics : Global Diagnostics was established in 2012. They boast of being a state of the art diagnostic and pathology center in Hyderabad. They are the pioneers of diagnostics labs in Hyderabad.

What makes Global Diagnostics stand out is that they believe in a very patient-centric approach towards their work and deliver excellent value services to their customers.

7. Tenet Diagnostics: Tenet Diagnostics are a state-of-the-art Radiology and Pathology Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad, and they do all kinds of advanced lab testing to provide the best result to their customers.

Tenet Diagnostics also has a doorstep policy where they can come and collect blood samples from your home, which is a very convenient method if you are living in Hyderabad.

8. Lucid Diagnostics: Lucid Diagnostics offers expert Doctor Consultations for all of your health-related problems. You can easily book a quick appointment with a qualified doctor on their website. Their facilities are spread across a span of 45+ centers.

Lucid Diagnostics boast of providing you with the latest technology and procedures for high quality and ultra-precise diagnosis.

9. Elbit Medical Diagnostics: Elbit Medical Diagnostics offer a combination of high-quality equipment, an international technological method, and also an effective personal care.They also offer a number of value-added health packages which you can find on their website, which include a lot of health checkups.

10. Medquest SL Diagnostics: Medquest Diagnostics possess a high-quality chain of diagnostic centers all over Hyderabad. They specialize in a lot of services, which include; Consultations, Imaging Services, and also Home Service.

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