The Difference Between Video Poker And Real Live Poker

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There are quite a number of differences between video poker and real live poker, however in general the game remains the same, simply the format is changed. That format however can really make a difference. To begin with video poker is not much different than playing regular slots machines, in that the games are displayed on a screen similar to a computer monitor or a television screen. These machines are programmed with a computer chip which generates randomly selected numbers which determines the final result of each spin/deal. Video poker requires very little interaction from the player; there are some choices that he has to make which will directly affect the outcome of each deal. For instance depending on the number of card/s he decides to hold will definitely influence the final outcome of the game.

Video poker can be played at online casinos as well as regular brick and mortar casinos. If you ever happen to visit a regular casino you will be able to easily identify these video poker machines by the display on the screen cards instead of your usual symbols. One thing that both video poker and real live poker have in common is that the game involves a hand of five cards, and the rules are basically the same. Because video poker games are computerized you will find that there is a wider variety of video poker games available than real live poker games.


Playing online video poker and playing real live poker are two entirely different experiences. In online video poker games the atmosphere is much more relaxed, you get to play from the comfort and privacy of your own home, with no one around just you and your computer, there is no one there to see you as you play your hands, and make your choices (good or bad) no dealers, no other players around to make you nervous, no one watching your every move. Plus you don t have to worry about if you brought enough money along with you, because you have those credit cards handy just in case you need more cash.

Real live poker on the other hand is an entirely different kettle of fish. You are playing against other players, the dealer is the one shuffling the cards, the atmosphere is tense, all eyes are on you waiting to see what you next play would be. Heart pounding, hands shaking, mind racing frantically thinking about what would be your best choice. Now that is by far the biggest difference between video poker and real live poker, the thrill, the excitement, that you experience when play real live poker. Video poker cannot compare to this thrill, this adrenalin rush that you experience playing real live poker. Real live poker does not necessarily have to take place at a real live casino, as there are online casinos that offer real live video poker games and well as real live video poker tournaments. Have fun playing which ever type of poker suits your fancy.

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