Medical Alert Systems: Information On How To Find One

Medical Alert Systems: Information On How To Find One


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Medical alert devices just about all use a base unit that hooks into a person’s phone line that were designed to ring into the call center once you depress the alarm button. You will wear a personal alarm on your wrist or around your neck therefore it is always readily available in the event you fall or have another urgent situation. The differences come into play among companies with regards to fees and also features. Here’s a look at the best rated units available that may help you any time you’re trying to figure out the way to decide medical alert systems.

ADT Companion Services

ADT Companion Services is sold through the home security giant ADT. The alarm is functional inside three hundred feet from the base unit. The power base has back-up battery having a lifespan of twelve to 20 hours. The monthly fee is a little over $30 each month and there is an installation cost as well as activation fee of under $100 each. You can obtain a discount on these fees if you are an AARP member or a current client of ADT home security.



The LifeStation alarm is useful inside of four hundred feet of the base unit. The lithium battery will run as much as thirty-two hours throughout a power failure and once power is restored the battery will recharge. Setting up is easy. All you’ve got to do is plug the device in the telephone jack and power source. You can certainly pay quarterly, annually, or monthly. Your monthly charge is about $30 per month. At this time there are generally simply no long term contracts or activation fees.

American Medical Alarm

The American Medical Alarm system performs inside 6000 square feet of the actual base unit. The battery carries a lifespan of eighteen hours and then will automatically charge as soon as power is restored. People can obtain an optional combination door lock that will allow emergency responders the capability to get in your current property in case you can’t let them in. You actually don’t have to shell out with regard to equipment or activation. At this time there is a once a month fee of around $30 pertaining to service and there is actually certainly no long term contract which means that everyone can cancel at any time. This kind of system is very simple to set up, an individual simply just plug it in and it is ready to use.

Rescue Alert

Rescue Alert connects you with EMD professional staff when you call so you can receive actual medical assistance while awaiting medical attention. It offers you a good operational range of 600 feet. The back-up battery comes with a lifespan of 90 hours. There is actually simply no set up price or activation fee and also no long term commitment. People can pay annually, quarterly, or once a month. Month-to-month rates are about $30. You can choose the equipment up front in the event you would rather and this lowers the monthly price to around $15 per month.

Alert One

The Alert One medical alert alarms are useful inside of 600 feet of the home base. They also offer you stationary buttons you attach to the wall with Velcro. The actual base unit is easy to put in, you simply put it straight into the telephone jack. Two people can be monitored for the same monthly fee. Anyone are able to pay by the month, quarterly or each year with absolutely no long term commitment required. There are no activation fees or even set up fees and they even offer a thirty day free trial.

Philips LifeLink

The Philips LifeLink system is special. You never have continuing regular monthly fees. Rather you purchase your base unit and also pendant outright. The calls do not go to a call center so that is why there is no monthly payment for service. Instead, the system calls your own pre-selected contacts when ever you need help. The system carries a range up to 100 feet from the base unit and possesses a 9-volt battery back-up in case of power failure. The unit has a one-way speaker and 65 decibel audible alarm built in. You are able to pay for the base unit and one pendant for about $300.

A home medical alert systems could possibly save your life or at the very least save you from suffering alone for several hours following a bad fall. Regardless if you want one for yourself or even your elderly mother and father, they are an investment that will offer you great peace of mind for a small price.

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Medical Alert Systems: Information On How To Find One