How To Gain Weight For Thin Skinny Girls

By Chris Chew

So you are fed up with your thin skinny frame and have always wanted that well rounded curves of a sexy feminine woman. As hard as you might try stuffing your face green with whatever food you can get your hands on, you just can’t seem to put on even a single extra pound of weight. Why is it so hard and hard for you to gain weight? You probably may have asked that question a zillion times.

In this world that is obsessed with losing weight, as it seems that all the advertisements, fitness programs, diets regimens are all targeting at people who want to lose weight. This onslaught barrage of weight loss programs drown out the concerns of underweight women like you trying your darndest best to put on weight. That is certainly very frustrating for you, isn’t it?

To compound matters, your search for weight programs in the internet kept showing up muscle building systems and muscle weight gaining programs for men. Why are skinny girls like you being ignored?

Well ladies, you aren’t being ignored. It is just that your mind refuses to register certain truths those programs are telling you. Before you get insulted and clawed me up, please be patient and read on.

You see, things aren’t so bleak after all. Because the good news is that there isn’t much difference for gaining weight between men and women. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Therefore those weight gain programs for men work pretty well for girls too because the principles that a naturally thin woman must adopt if she wishes to quickly put on healthy weight are the same principles that worked for the boys!

Now, here are some of your mental blocks I spoke about earlier. Most women, and I believe that including you, have a myriad of mental stumbling blocks regarding weight gain techniques. Such as you probably do not want to consume too much calories in case you become fat in the wrong places or you certainly do not want to start weight training because you are terrified of getting big muscles like those of bodybuilders! Am I right to say that?


Listen ladies, with due respect, in order to gain healthy weight effectively and quickly, you will have to remove those mental blocks now! Your fears are irrational and are completely unfounded!

You see, most women have the mistaken impression that training with weights will make them look muscular and thus compromising their feminine beauty. This I can verify because a large number of the enquiries that I receive from females asking for putting on weight advice will invariably qualify their requests with statements like “I don’t want to look like a man’ or “I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder”

Now get this right once and for all! Women simply don’t naturally possess enough of the male hormone, testosterone, that will allow them to become huge muscular hunks! No amount of weight training is going to change that fact. Even most men are not naturally predisposed to be a bodybuilder, what more of a woman?

Yes, I know what you are thinking right now. You are asking what about pictures of female bodybuilders you have seen, right? The sad thing is that those photos are the main culprits that led to your irrational fear of weight training. You see, those women bodybuilders that you see got where they are because of very intensive and special training with the consumption of tons of supplements to get those muscle mass up with plenty of professional help.

As a matter of fact, many female bodybuilders with extremely huge muscles and who exhibit masculine characteristics didn’t get that way through natural training. Instead, they use dangerous steroids to get them so huge! So let that sink in!

Furthermore, they didn’t get that way overnight. You just don’t simply wake up one morning and become a muscular woman bodybuilder right? You must understand that it has taken them many years of dedicated intensive training to get where they are and you certainly aren’t going to do that, don’t you?

Even if so, if you feel like you are becoming a tad too big or your blessed boyfriend is hiding behind you at the first sign of trouble, you can simply stop training. After all, when that happens, then your objective at gaining weight would have been happily achieved, right?

Yes, you will certainly put on some muscle when you are training with weights, but the muscles that you will be developing will not be huge and bulky. Instead, your new muscles will add tone and curves to your body shape making you look healthier and more attractive. Don’t you want that?

Another problem in your quest to put on weight is that many thin and skinny women set out to gain any weight and gaining body fat is fine with them. However, there is a major problem with this approach in putting on weight. If the weight you gain is primarily from increased body fat, you are most likely to be displeased with your results. This is because you have no control of where those extra fat will be going to on your body.

That goes on to say that if you do not control your fat gain (which you can’t since where your fat goes to is genetically pre-programmed), your extra ugly fat could end up unevenly distributed in all the wrong places like your belly, love handles, butt, thighs, arms and so on.

Therefore, your best bet to improve your physique in the way you want is to go after lean muscle weight gain. In this way, not only will you put on weight, you will also gain healthy weight and is in a position to dictate where the extra pounds are going to be. In other words, you can sculpt your body the way you want it to be shaped and that is sexy!

So girls, if you can move past your own mental blocks, you can certainly be assured that healthy and pleasing weight gain that is well within your reach. Of course, you must also consume enough good calories to ensure your success in putting on the extra pounds.

Wishing you all the best in putting on those extra pounds of sexy female weight and body curves.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at

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