How Lasers Are Used In Cosmetic Surgery

How Lasers are used in Cosmetic Surgery


AfterGlow In recent years, lasers have become one of the favorite tools of cosmetic surgeons in fighting stretch marks and wrinkles. Americans have been turning to lasers in increasing numbers and they are now one of the favorite ways to treat the signs of aging. Lasers were discovered in 1958 and found immediate applications in an industrial setting, but it soon became clear that they could perform an important role in medicine as well. Unlike other sharp objects, a laser can cut through tissue without causing bleeding, and in fact coagulates tissue to prevent bleeding. Lasers also have the ability to be very non-invasive, and can target very specific areas without affecting neighboring tissue organic makeup. Laser’s usefulness in cosmetic surgery was almost discovered by accident. They were being used to treat acne scars when surgeons noticed that wrinkles in the area being treated were greatly diminished. This is accomplished by resurfacing the skin, exposing a new, fresher layer, doing away with sun damage and other signs of aging. Laser surgery is a form of burning, in which top layers of skin are essentially vaporized, and acne scars, cancerous and benign growths, folds and wrinkles are removed. The procedure basically creates a a fresh surface for new skin to grow over. The FDA does not regulate surgical procedures, although it is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is being used for its intended purposes. Another beneficial side effect of laser cosmetic surgery is the production of collagen. Collagen gives skin its texture, since it’s a key protein in the skin’s protective tissue. It is broken down over time by things like smoking, as well as the natural aging process. Increased production of collagen can contribute to a patient looking up to 20 years younger after laser surgery, and the results can last up to 10 years. After a laser procedure, patients must be careful to avoid the sun, or risk damaging their skin all over again. If they treat their skin well, they may never need another treatment, although if necessary, the procedure can be repeated after a year. Unfortunately, laser surgery is limited to the face, and cannot remove sagging skin. Some things still need to be handled with the traditional scalpel. In addition to cosmetic surgery, lasers can perform other skin fixes. They can successfully remove tattoos, treat excessive eye folds, and remove scars and birthmarks. They are also effective in hair removal and removing rosacea and brown age spots. The beauty of laser procedures is that they are able to act deep in the skin without affecting anything else. This is especially helpful when lasers are used to remove pre-cancerous lesions caused by sun damage. Laser cosmetic surgery is extremely effective, but it’s not for everyone. Some people with very sensitive skin cannot handle the creams required during recovery from the procedure. In addition, people with darker skin tones are not good candidates because of unpredictable skin tone changes. If cosmetic surgery isn’t for you, try natural cosmetics on your skin. Still, lasers are marvelously effective, and one of the safest and lasting ways to remove lines and wrinkles.

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