Don’t Strain Your Well Pump By Filling A Pool – Get Bulk Water Delivery In Clinton Instead!

byAlma Abell

Getting a new pool or getting an old one ready for a new season is exciting since you’ll be anticipating a summer full of fun, refreshing swimming. It does, however, pose some logistical difficulties. The most obvious of these is where to get the water. Trying to run that much water out of a hose would take forever! In a city, it would also cause a huge water bill. If your water comes from a well, filling a pool would put a great deal of wear on the pump and could even cause it to fail. What can be done?


The answer to this quandary is to get bulk water delivery in Clinton. Companies like East River Energy bring pool water to your location in big tanker trucks. Then, filling the pool is as easy as connecting a fire hose to the back of the truck and opening the valve. Delivered pool water is state certified, so you don’t have to worry about whether it is clean. Bulk water delivery is also good for smaller pools, spas, and similar reservoirs. You can get full truckloads or partials so that you don’t need to pay for more water than you need.

As the season progresses, pool water evaporates into the environment. When the pool is small enough, topping it up with a hose can work fine. Larger pools, however, may need hundreds of gallons of water to raise the water level by just a few inches. In that case, it’s a good idea to get another bulk water delivery in Clinton. A partial truckload can easily raise the water level to the desired depth without straining your normal water systems.

Of course, you will need to adjust the chemical level after you have new water added to a pool. This is fairly simple after a top-up, but when an empty pool is filled, it can take a while for everything to stabilize. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your new pool water delivered a couple of weeks before you intend to start swimming. Visit to get everything properly adjusted and stabilized before you jump in.